Lucy Teear is a certified iridologist and ‘Heal Thy Self’ health coach, trained and qualified under the tutelage of renowned health revolutionist Tyler Tolman. The eyes are the dashboard of the body, highlighting areas of congestion and toxicity, once identified Lucy tailors detoxification programmes and coaching packages to support you to bring your body back into balance and reverse dis-ease.

Local HealThySelf Health Coach Lucy Teear, who successfully reversed chronic disease following breast cancer shares guidance and knowledge, giving you the structure and means to create significant positive change in your health and happiness.



If you want to reverse chronic disease, reduce pain, prevent illness, and increase energy levels

Want answers to your health concerns

Want to protect your family from the growing trend of chronic disease

Are open to making a change for the better


The fundamentals behind the 7 Principles of Health

An understanding of therapeutic order – the levels in which the body Heals

How to establish a lifestyle for optimal health

An understanding of how to avoid the key drivers of disease and live a long, Healthy and Happy life

How to heal yourself, your family and your friends


Feel empowered and take back control of your health and body

Confident on how to simplify your Health

Empowered that you have all the solutions at your fingertips

Nourished by meeting like minded people in your local community

Inspired to take the next step wherever you are in your healing journey

Supported to put what you learn into action