Pregnancy and Mummy Care

McTimoney chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession with the emphasis on the spine, neurological, muscular and skeletal systems, how these integrate and conditions affecting them. Chiropractors do not use medicines or surgery, but may refer back to a medical professional for further assessment if it is considered that these may be necessary based on history and examination results. In contrast to popular perception of chiropractic the light, fast and precise nature of McTimoney chiropractic adjustments make the treatment comfortable and often relaxing to receive. It is suitable for most people of all ages and fitness levels. Treatment may also include various soft tissue techniques, mobilization techniques, preventative lifestyle advice and appropriate exercises to be carried out at home.

Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Our registered Osteopath Kalla Patel are available to treat pre during and post pregnancy.

In Pregnancy……

Everyone has good intentions when you are pregnant and people will give you untold snippets of well meaning advice pertaining to their experience of pregnancy.  As in most cases, your pregnancy is your own and your body will respond to it differently whether you experience a nice breezy pregnancy and labour or one where you are sick, in pain, and ends in complications.

There are numerous reasons for a pregnancy to be uncomfortable but it doesn’t have to remain that way.   Osteopath Kalla is happy to provide treatment after 12 weeks of pregnancy and treatment is safe throughout the remainder of your  pregnancy and helps you stay comfortable as your body changes with the growing baby.

Some of the discomforts that you could be feeling:

Pain on eating –the viscera has to move around to make room for the growing baby and so it can result in lots of squashed organs like the stomach, intestines etc.  This might give you indigestion, constipation, breathing difficulties etc..  These symptoms can be eased by treating the rib cage and diaphragm area.

Neck, shoulder & back pain – your posture changes dramatically as your “bump” starts to get bigger.  Often these strain patterns change the way your muscles are functioning so tightness in these areas are quite common.

Sciatica – this refers to the sciatic nerve which can get pinched in the lower lumbar joints or in the buttock muscles.  Characteristically the pain is “sharp shooting” in the back of the leg, restricts walking and aches in the night often with pins and needles.  Treatment consists of releasing the lumbar joints and stretching the muscles which are affected by the sciatic nerve.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction – this is a common condition in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and extremely painful and restrictive.  It is caused due to the extra movement available in the joints of the pelvis in pregnancy that are normally not so mobile.  Unfortunately due to the limited pain relief you are allowed, it is difficult for doctors to treat this.  Osteopathic treatment aims to relieve the symptoms of SPD by treating the joints of the pelvis.

Kalla can provide you with the correct advice throughout the different stages of your pregnancy.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions.


Pregnancy Massage

We offer variety of massages for pregnant women after the first trimester. Light to firm pressure tailored to a pregnant women’s needs.

This customised massage focuses on relaxation while reducing tension and pain. We use organic unscented oils.

45mins £37

60mins £45

Labour Preparation Massage

This massage is for mums past 38 weeks or overdue mothers. Using massage and acupressure helps to prepare body for labour.

45 mins £37

60mins £45

Mummy Package

This very popular special package combines Reflexology and Massage specifically designed for  pregnant mums  after the first trimester and new mums post 6week check. Helps mums to get the relaxation she deserves while helping with aches and pains and restoring some balance with reflexology.

75mins £55