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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation treatment using a scalpel. This safely and efficiently removes the dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin along with vellus hairs(peach fuzz)

As we age our skin turnover slows down resulting in dull, dry, fine lined skin.  Removing the dead layer, stratum corneum, along with the peach fuzz hairs results in a brighter, clearer complexion.  Encourages cell turnover, therefore increasing collagen production.  Improves product absorption.  Smoothed skin texture and improved surface for makeup to sit on more evenly.  Helps to unclog pores improving comedone extraction.

Vellus Hair.  

First and foremost this is not a treatment to remove the hairs, removal is simply a by product of the deep exfoliating treatment.  Vellus hair is the ultra fine, barely perceptible hairs covering our bodies and face.  It’s main purpose is for thermal insulation or cooling.  Vellus hair is not the same as terminal hair which is attached to sebaceous glands and is thicker and courser.  Cutting vellus hair will not make it darker or thicker as cutting hair cannot change a hair follicle from a vellus to a terminal one.  As the hair grows back it will feel a little prickly as obviously cutting it has created a blunt end but this will soften again very quickly.

There is no down time after dermaplaning and makeup can be worn immediately afterwards.  An appropriate SPF must be worn for at least a week after treatment, however, as the top layer of skin that normally offers a superficial protection against UV will have been removed.


Book your Radiance Dermaplaning as a stand alone treatment or combine it with other treatments from our Signature facial options of Glow Bright Pre Holiday/Pre Party or Goddess or Express Goddess packages.

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