Sports Massage & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage

with Tristen Attenborough

When our bodies ache, a deep tissue or sports massage can really hit the spot.  Maybe you have a physically demanding job, you’re passionately sporty or you’ve just overdone the DIY.  You might even be aching and have no idea why.  We can feel like our muscles have tightened up, or that we just can’t seem to move comfortably.

Massage can really help with this.  Many of us like a bit of pressure in a massage and find it deeply satisfying.  The muscles relax and the mind calms down.  We feel looser, more flexible and able to move more easily.  If you are sporty or love training, you know when your body is feeling cranky or a bit overstressed, try a sports massage and get back to it.

This massage is open to everyone.  We can focus on an area, your back or legs or massage your whole body.  This is not painful, it is safe and deeply satisfying.  We all deserve a bit of ‘ahhhhhh…’


Injury and Chronic Pain Clinic

with Tristen Attenborough

If you have an ache, pain or niggle that doesn’t seem to be improving, this is for you.  It is hard to know what is best, should we rest, move, ice pack, exercise, carry on as normal?   Well, we’re here to guide you through this with simple, honest advice.

  • Explain why you are hurting
  • Support with massage and manual therapy where appropriate
  • Agree a plan to help your recovery
  • Explore movements and exercises

If you have had muscle or joint pain for more than 12 weeks this is usually categorised as chronic or persistent pain.  This can be disabling and frustrating and often has an impact on your work, social life and family. 

Here is what we do:

  • Listen to your story
  • Understand how pain affects you life
  • Explore what affects your pain
  • Assess movement patterns
  • Agree a plan just for you
  • Change the plan until we get it right

We can do some massage and manual therapy, rehabilitation exercises, explore changes you can make and set realistic goals.  Everyone is different.  These sessions are relaxed and hopefully really enjoyable for you.  

This is a client-centred approach grounded in modern pain science and draws from the principles of cognitive functional therapy.  The aim is always to help you to feel better.