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Podiatrists and chiropodists are uniquely trained to assess, evaluate and provide foot care for all conditions affecting the foot and ankle, including:

  • corns and callus
  • ingrowing toe nails
  • verrucae
  • aches and pains within the foot
  • foot problems associated with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis

Problems with knees, hips and backs may also be caused by abnormalities found in the foot.

Podiatry 1st appointment and routine Podiatry

During the consultation we will take your medical history, in addition to the physical assessment.

In most cases treatment will be provided at your first appointment, however, if your assessment takes longer to complete (maybe you need further tests) then you will be invited back for another appointment.

Many NHS trusts do not now provide services for people with basic foot care needs unless they have an underlying medical disorder and are considered to be a high risk patient.

It helps us greatly if you complete a medical history form and bring it with you. We record details including your: name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, GP name and address, past and current medical history, allergies, medication, and any previous Podiatry treatment.

We may write to your GP, after your first appointment, to inform them that you are registered with our practice and give brief details of any treatment plan. Please tell us if you do not wish us to communicate any information to your GP.


Verrucae treatment

In most cases treatment will be started at your first appointment, and you will require follow up appointments.  Many options will be explored like: chemical therapy ( salicylic acids ), cryotherapy and needling.


Nail Surgery

Sometimes toenails can curve in (known as involution) or ingrow (known as onychocryptosis) causing pain and discomfort. Involuted nails dig into the sulci (the grooves to the side of the nail), whilst ingrowing toenails normally puncture the skin at the side or apex of the toe. Ingrowing toenails can be excruciatingly painful, and are usually swollen, red, inflamed, exude pus and may impair your mobility.

In most cases treatment will not be provided at your first appointment, and you will be invited back at a later date. If your toe is infected it may be necessary for us to give you a course of antibiotics prior to any surgery

We anaesthetise the toe(s) using a local anaesthetic into the base of the toe. Once it has gone numb we apply antiseptics and a tourniquet.

We then remove the ingrown (involuted) section of the nail and any scar tissue or hypergranulation tissue.

A chemical called phenol is applied to cauterise the nail bed (matrix), stopping it from regrowing.

Patients need to attend 2 more redressing appointments which are included in the price.


Diabetic care

Preventative foot treatment has been shown to significantly reduce the complications in the  diabetic foot and all patients with diabetes are recommended to visit a Podiatrist at least once a year for a check-up.


Biomechanics and Musculo Skeletal assessment

As humans we are either static (at rest) or dynamic (moving). Therefore, we assess you in the same ways, we lie you flat and examine your normal joint positions (range and quality of motion) from the hips down and watch you walking or running (called gait analysis)

From these assessments we can see how you walk or run and whether or not the position your joints function in is responsible for causing symptoms such as bunions, corns, calluses, knee pain, ankle pain, shin splints, etc. If the symptoms are caused by abnormal (pathological) function we can attempt to treat the cause of the symptoms.

There are many ways that include: physiotherapy, simple exercises, special taping and strapping, special insoles called orthoses or a change in footwear. To make the orthoses we take a plaster of paris cast and send them to a laboratory with your prescription (the analysis of your mechanics determines the type of insole you require). The orthoses are worn in your shoes or trainers (if prescribed for sports problems) and maintain your feet in their ideal position reducing the need for the body to compensate, therefore, reducing the symptoms you experience.

We also offer with Mel:

Mel Austin a qualified beauty therapist and Advanced Foot Health Practitioner in training, she can offer an Express Pedicure to men or women who simply need their nails cutting, hard skin reducing or who are in need a little pam