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Georgina Bayliss

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There are times in our lives when things happen, that we find difficult to deal with. Depression, stress and anxiety can happen for any number of reasons, and can leave us feeling like we don’t know what to do next. We can be left feeling confused, lost, not knowing if we need to make changes or if we are on the right path. We just don’t know where to start.

This is what counselling can offer- the opportunity to talk through what is happening and to be listened to by someone neutral. It can help you to recognise and explore your feelings and responses to events, and start to change the way you process these. Maybe give a new perspective or just to be supported with what you need to deal with.

Sometimes it is a rough patch, where life throws a spanner in the works, other times the problems are longer term. Someone to listen and guide you with your reactions and responses to life can create a more hopeful, positive outlook.
As a counsellor I don’t claim to be perfect, but being able to accept this, and that mistakes are what help us to grow, can help to help others move forward with their lives. We are often made to feel that we are not allowed to get things wrong, or ‘fail’, but this is part of being human and to be able to accept these things can make us stronger in the long term.

I work in an integrative style (basically means I know one size does not fit all) and we can discuss your needs when we first chat.
I started my counselling training in 2009 and volunteered as a young adult centre for over 5 years. I completed my degree in Psychology with Criminology in 2010, and my Masters in Counselling Psychology in 2012. Part of this course involved me having my own personal therapy sessions, giving a perspective from the other side of the fence. More recently I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Low Intensity Psychological Interventions as a work based qualification.

You can contact me on
Phone: 07596 901645

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