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Nicola Spuffard

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Podiatrists study at degree level for three years.

They can often help people with back, hip, knee and ankle pain, as well as foot pain, as these can be caused by a misalignment of the feet. Podiatrists are trained in biomechanics and create insoles and give exercises to adjust the feet, to improve the range of motion in problematic joints, straighten the body and relieve pain.

Podiatrists also study pathology and pharmacology and take a holistic approach to your health. While we are gently caring for your corns and cracked heels, ingrown nails and fungal nails, verrucas and hard skin we are also keeping an eye on your general health and we will refer you to a GP (with your consent) if we notice anything of concern.

We look forward to helping you live your life to the full.

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