Towcester Clinic has a range of talking therapies to help you


Towcester Clinic offers a range of talking therapies including counselling, hypnotherapy, coaching and psychotherapy.

It’s known that 1 in 6 people will experience common mental health problems in their lifetime, like anxiety and depression. You may be someone affected, unable to share your worrying thoughts and feelings with family or friends, which is where speaking to a counsellor or psychotherapist can help.

We provide a safe, confidential environment where you are given the space to consider your concern, your conflict, change or crisis and reflect on why you’re feeling a particular way.

Our therapists, each of whom work in slightly different ways, all share the same goals; to help you cope, regain control of your life, feel happier, more confident about moving forward.

All our therapists offer both short-term interventions focusing on specific issues, as well as more long term support, addressing issues built up over time.

Talking therapies can help manage:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Relationship/family issues
  • Addictions
  • Life stage issues like grief, divorce
  • Self harm
  • Eating disorders
  • Phobias

If you have further questions please email us or give us a call. Thank you.

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    Our Therapists

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      Georgina Bayliss

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