Holistic therapy based on applying pressure to the foot


Foot Reflexology is an holistic therapy which treats the person as a whole being and is based on applying degrees of pressure to the foot.

This pressure is applied to different areas of the feet as each part corresponds to a different part of the body. The basic idea behind reflexology is that when this pressure is applied to a specific point of the foot, a response occurs in the corresponding part of the body promoting a change in the individual’s emotional and physical well being, releasing tension, re balancing hormones, reducing pain and aiding relaxation.

This change is thought to be due to either a response in the bodies energy pathways (also known as meridians) or by the treatment encouraging relaxation in the nervous system.

The pressure applied during reflexology uses specific finger and thumb massage techniques and is quite different to a general massage.
The human body is designed to heal itself and this occurs everyday. Stress, injury or illness can create a blockage of the energy that flows through the meridians pathways. This means that the body then has to work harder to restore the balance of energy and this may eventually cause further problems.

Reflexology helps to restore this imbalance in the body and encourage the body to heal itself again. Reflexology can be used to treat anyone, young or old and also pregnant mums to be after 12 weeks.

Here at Towcester Clinic we believe in offering just what you, the client, wants and needs. At your first appointment there will be a full consultation and once done, if it becomes apparent that, though you’d booked in for a deep tissue massage, you’d actually gain most benefit, for example, from a head massage and some targeted cupping therapy or paraffin wax therapy then your treatment can be adapted to meet these requirements. Don’t be afraid to request ‘off menu’. Our skilled therapists can adapt most of their treatments to suit.

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    Trudy Western

    Reflexologist doing treatment on foot.
    Reflexologist doing treatment on foot.
    Reflexologist doing treatment on foot.


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